Singapore Passport Becomes Most Powerful in the World

Singapore Passport Becomes Most Powerful in the World

With the removal of visa requirement from Paraguay, Singapore has become the first ever Asian country to earn the badge of the most popular passport. Previously the badge was owned by only European countries but with the vote going from Paraguay in favor of Singapore has helped it outclass Germany in the race. For past two years, German passport was the most powerful in the world. While credit goes to the country’s foreign policy, Singaporeans also need to thank Paraguay for making their country able to boost Singapore passport ranking.

How to get Singapore Passport for permanent residents:

Many permanent residents thinking how to get Singapore passport can head over to the official gateway provided by its government. E-citizen is a place where you can get a brief idea about how to apply for the country’s citizenship. It is however granted only to those who are a permanent resident for more than two years. The conditions for the spouse of a Singaporean citizen are also similar.

Other Asian countries in top 20 powerful passports list:

There are only three other countries that made it to the list of 20 powerful passports. South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia have also managed to secure their position in the list. Still, there is no Asian country is the top 10 positions where Europeans are dominating the charts. Earlier in 2017, number one position was shared by Germany as well having the same visa-free score of 158.

Arton Captial, a company that keeps tracks on passport rankings, issued a statement from its Singapore office stating, “For the first time ever an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world”.

Travel with Singapore passport in 159 visa-free countries:

Becoming the most powerful, the country’s citizens and passport owners can travel visa-free into 159 countries around the globe. Singapore passport visa-free countries and their travel guidelines can be found on the Ministries official website. Germany and Singapore shared top position with 158 VFS but Paraguay’s vote in favor allowed Singapore passport rankings to move one step forward.

These rankings keep changing for different countries in effect of inner political scenarios. Since Trump took the office, US rankings have seen a continuous drop in the current score of 154 VFS. 154 VFS is shared by Malaysia, Ireland, and Canada.

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