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How to share full-quality photos between an iPhone and Android phone

How to share full-quality photos between an iPhone and Android phone

No doubt that it is always difficult to get your photos from one point to another, and when it involves smart things like different Android phones, Android tablets, iPads, Personal computers and iPhones, and we demand the highest quality photos, there urges the necessity of some kind of tricky ideas to do so.

It is very glad news for you that there are some awesome programs like FotoSwipe that let you send High-quality and High-Resolution photos without any effort or hurdles, from one device to the other, regardless of the file type, file size, and the device, whether you’re sending it from your phone to your computer or vice versa, or if you are gonna send thousands of photos at a click!

How to share High-quality full detailed photos between iPhone and Android devices:

1-Simply Launch FotoSwipe from your home screen.

2-Choose the photos and videos that you wish to share with another device.

3-Tap Next at the bottom of the screen.

Now you will see the option to send your videos or photos to another device; phone, tablet, computer, or via text and email using a unique 6-digit code for secure sharing.

Note that the Photo Compression option is switched off while you are ready to share your images. It’s a button located at the upper right corner of the application.

Other options to Share Images without losing quality:

According to us, sharing images using the Fotoswipe application is the easiest method we’ve found yet, but there are also many other ways to share the full-quality images without any loss: You can use cloud data hosting apps like Dropbox and Mediafire and share the uploaded images and files; you can also send your Android dudes, simply a link to an iCloud Shared Photo library on the web.

Is there any method left? Let us know!

If there is a specific app or technique that we don’t know and you use them to share your high-quality photos and videos between different devices, share your method and Let us know your tips and tricks. Comment your ideas below.

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