Mass Shooting In a Church in Texas Leaves 26 Dead and Several Wounded

Mass Shooting In a Church in Texas Leaves 26 Dead and Several Wounded

On the worst Sunday of November, in the small town-church in Texas, regular worshiping was going on when a man equipped with a semi-automatic rifle entered the church and started shooting blindly. A man wearing black and also wearing a suicidal vest opened fire killing 26 worshipers in the church. 20 of the people present at the place were wounded with deadly bullet injuries. The governor of the Texas declared the attack the deadliest in the state’s history and called it a mass shooting. The victims of mass shooting represented all age groups from children to old and young males to females.

The gunman who initiated mass shooting identified:

The killer who initiated mass shooting was reportedly gunned down by two armed residents; however, it is yet to be proved whether he killed himself or was killed by the residents. The gunman was identified as Devin Patrick Kelley of age 26. He was a resident of Comal County, a neighboring county of the state.

26 people dead in Texas Church Shooting:

According to the reports by DPS Regional Director Freeman Martin, twenty-three dead bodies were found inside the church while two were found outside and one of the victims breathed his last at the hospital. Texas Church where regular Sunday prayers were going on was attacked by a gunman.

Texas Church Shooting

Police reveal 14 children dead in Texas shooting:

While talking to a reporter a Wilson county officer “Joe Tackett” told us that among 26 who lost their lives in the Texas shooting incident were 12 to 14 children.

The officer also told Kelley, the attacker of Texas church, whose ex-wife and ex-in-laws frequently attended the church and are not residents of the state. Adding to his statement to said, the terrorist may have fired hundreds of rounds on innocent and unarmed civilians.

According to the sources, the suspect came from the street near Valero gas station, entered the church and started shooting blindly on the people there. After shooting hundreds of rounds he dropped his weapon, a Ruger AR Rifle and ran. While trying to flee from the scene he was confronted by two armed residents, who shot him to death.

Emergency services respond quickly after the attack on Texas church:

Right after the incident, emergency services arrived and took the wounded to near hospitals. A spokeswoman for a hospital in Floresville, which is about 10 miles from the church, told the reporters, a number of people with bullet injuries were treated. She was not able to quote exact numbers but it was close to dozen she said. Some of the wounded of the mass shooting were also taken to Brooke Army Medical Center with the help of a helicopter.

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