Justice for Zainab: Nation mourns as 7-year old is raped and killed

justice for zainab

The rape also reveals the brutal face of Punjab Law Minister (Accused of killing 14 people)

The whole Pakistani nation mourns as another 7-year old child is brutally raped and killed. The incident took place in Kasur district of Punjab province. It is not the first time the district of Kasur has come to limelight for rape and killing. So far 12 incidents of child abuse have been reported in the last year. It is the second time a major incident of child abuse has happened which has shocked the nation. Protests erupt in the city and the nation demands justice for Zainab.

Missing Zainab killed and found on the heap of trash:

Zainab, who was abducted on January 4, was found dead near her house in the Road Kot area. The family had registered FIR on her abduction as she was seen walking with a stranger in a footage. However, today the 7-year old child was found dead.

The police were following the case and were in search of Zainab and found her dead body on the heap of trash near Shahbaz Khan Road. According to police, the girl seemed to have been killed 4 or 5 days ago.

The father and mother of the girl, who were in Saudi Arabia performing Umrah (lesser pilgrimage), returned to the country and demanded justice from the Chief Justice of Pakistan as well as the Army Chief.

The killing of Zainab ignites the anger among residents and protests erupt in the city:

The rape and murder of a 7-year old child ignited the anger of city residents and protests erupted in the entire city. The incident also revealed the brutality of the Govt. of Punjab as its Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah accused the electronic media of creating the hype of the incident and igniting the protests. It should be noted that the Punjab Govt. and the law minister are themselves accused of murdering the 14 innocent civilians who were protesting for their rights.


The brutal face of Punjab Govt. and its Law Minister (Accused of killing 14):

The heart ranching incident took place in the city and no government official was ready to take responsibility or even offering condolences to the family. Instead the Chief Minister, who claims to be the most proactive in the country, only tweeted. Even worse was when the Law Minister, who should have speeded up the investigation and brought the murderer to justice, said of television that the electronic media was igniting the anger.

As the riots erupt in the city, the Punjab police known for murdering innocent and denying justice opened fire on the protesters and killed two innocent people. The act shows the brutal face of the Govt. and its police. This is not the first time Punjab police has killed innocent people, they also killed 14 innocent civilians in Model Town, who were protesting for their rights.

The whole nation demands justice for Zainab: The daughter of soil:

The whole Pakistan nation demands justice for Zainab. And the only justice, the nation seeks is the execution of the brutal murderer in front of the nation. Zainab was not only the daughter of two rather she was the daughter of the soil and whole Pakistani nation, and the nation seeks justice.


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