Is Having Sex Frequently Dangerous For Your Heart health?

is sex good for your heart

Cardiac arrest during sex is a norm in TV serials nowadays. Very often we see scenes in dramas where during a sex an old man while grasping his heart passes away due to cardiac arrest. It is frequently shown in the serials but there is hardly a connection between the two. It is a very rare chance that sex and heart attack happen at the same time, a research conducted by AHASS (American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions) 2017 revealed. The question that arises now is, is sex good for your heart?

What Is a Heart Attack and Is Sex Good For Your Heart?

A heart attack is a sudden situation in which the heart of a person stops beating suddenly due to a short circuit in the cardiac electrical system.

If we look at the average death percentage of Pakistanis it is 110.65, which is not much dangerous but also not impressive as well. Also, Pakistani people are more vulnerable to heart diseases as they can get a heart attack when cholesterol level only reaches 150 milligrams, however, for European countries, it is 200 milligrams. This proves Pakistani people are more vulnerable to this disease. But the question here is whether sex and heart health are interrelated.

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Can Sex and Heart Health Be Interrelated Together?

In a study conducted by Dr. Sumeet Chugh, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, he and his fellows collected the data of all the patients mostly adults who died of sudden heart attack. The data was collected for the people who died between years 2002 and 2015 in Portland and Oregon.

Mr. Sumeet and his fellow’s study states that out of four thousand five hundred and fifty-seven (4,557 reported heart attacks) during the research time, only 34 of the death were categorized as related together with the sex. The percentage of these attacks in only 0.7% however, 32 of the cases identified as relating to sex caused the death of 32 men and only 2 women.

If we look at the percentage among men and women, for women it is only 0.1% while for men it is 1%. These figures itself answer the question can sex cause a heart attack.

People aged 34 to 83 were seen attacked with cardiac arrest during sex. The old age is also not a trigger for simultaneous sex and cardiac arrest.

Can sex cause heart attack among old people:

The study conducted by Dr. Chugh and his associate’s states that sex and heart health cannot be related anyway. As sex and heart health are two different things then surely, is sex good for your heart is also not a valid question.

While answering the question can sex cause heart attack, Mr. Chugh said, “it is a rare chance that sex can cause a heart attack in people of any age group”.

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