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Is cocaine water soluble? How long does it stay in Urine or blood?

Is cocaine water soluble How long does it stay in Urine or blood?

As per the quantity of dose used, cocaine on average stays in the system of a normal human for 12 to 72 hours. However, the complete removal takes much time for a normal human body to escape drug test. The main metabolite that is used during drug screening of cocaine is Benzoylecgonine. Though on average it remains in the body to be detected for 12-72 hours, there are several factors that affect its presence in the body. When an addict consumes any amount of it, it forms benzoylecgonine getting metabolized in the liver. The raw or waste is then excreted out of the body via urine. If this metabolite is present in the urine, it indicates the use of the drug. Testing addicts with benzoylecgonine testing in water is a common drug testing method for cocaine users.

Factors that affect drug presence in the body:

Though there is an average amount of time each drug is present in the body of the consumer. There are several factors that affect the time taken to get eliminated from the body. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • The amount of drug used.
  • The level of addiction of the consumer i.e. how frequently it is taken.
  • The BMI: weight and height of the individual.
  • Metabolism capability of the individual depends on physical fitness.

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

Normally, it takes only twelve hours to get extracted from the body. But that certainly is not a fixed amount of time, as the time may exceed depending on the amount of dosage consumed. Sometimes when the drug is taken alone but is consumed in huge quantity, cocaine may stay up to seventy-two hours in the body. Even though it doesn’t make sure, it will always be detected in the test rather there’s an exception sometimes. But if it has been consumed together with alcohol, the time it remains in the body or urine may exceed five days or even longer. In case used together with alcohol, Cocaethylene substance is formulated.

How long does benzoylecgonine stay in your urine?

The coke substance benzoylecgonine takes more time as that of other drugs to get completely eliminate from the body. Normally it takes only 4 to 5 days even if the very small amount was used. But the time may jump up to 10 or more days in case of heavy usage. Regular users can be detected with the substance for more than 20 days. This 20 days time is for low profile users, heavy users urge elimination for longer spans of days, sometimes months. Also, if taken with alcohol or any other similar substance, the time may span more than 25 days or sometimes to a complete month.

Quick and speedy elimination is possible with the use of adequate water. Contrary to water helping in speedy recovery, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks hold it longer in the body, resulting in the longer elimination process.

What is the threshold value for detection?

If you want to test someone for cocaine use, the threshold value for its detection is 2 ng/mL levels.


Enzymes in the liver metabolize around thirty to 4/100th of the drug’s to form ecgonine methyl compound. The other 4/100th of the amount used is hydrolyzed and the by-product is benzoylecgonine. But it is created without enzymes.

Now to answer the question is cocaine water soluble? The answer is yes! Both of its byproducts ecgonine and benzoylecgonine are water soluble. The half-life of both cocaine and benzoylecgonine are one hour and six hours respectively.

Tests used for screening:

There are different types of tests used for detecting or screening individual with the use of cocaine. Here listed below are the few of the most commonly used.

Testing with the help of saliva:

The common method of cocaine detection is to examine the saliva of the consumer. However, it is only detectable through this technique for a mere of five to ten minutes. In case of heavy or regular usage, it can be detected until four days.

Urine test:

This is another commonly practiced and used method for testing many of the drug tests. Urine test for cocaine is effective up to five hours of use and it can be tested until three to four days.

Blood test:

It is the most authentic and sure way for testing any drug use. With the ability to detect after 5 to 6 hours of use, it can be detected till a whole week or more in case of heavy usage.

Cocaine test using hair:

IT starts to appear in the head or specifically in the hair soon after use in seven days or less. It can be detected in the hair for 80 – 90 days.

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