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Importance of Physical Intimacy and Sex in a Relationship

Importance of Physical Intimacy and Sex in a Relationship

If you are in a relationship, you may have asked yourself the question, is physical relation important in true love? Well, to me and majority of other people sex and relationship are two very strongly connected things. The duo, if practiced with true spirit and closeness, will always work best and will help in boosting the love between both partners. But there always has been a debate on whether sex and relation should be practiced frequently? Stages of physical intimacy in a relationship? Importance of physical relation in married life? What does a man need in a relationship? These all question are frequently asked but there is no definitive answer, however here at OyeBaazAja we will present facts and figures to prove its worth.

Physical intimacy is when two lovers or a couple makes bodily relation with each other as a matter of satisfying each other’s needs and strengthening the bond of love between them. As the society is advancing this physical intimacy is also becoming more and more intense. Now, many new relations or couples find lovemaking or actually indulging in physical relation a good practice. However, for many, it’s a sign of showing love and can only be shown with a little involvement.

Importance of physical relationship:

I strongly believe if you are serious in a relationship, physical relationship/ sex is most important for your relationship. Here are some of the reasons why:

Shows love among the duo:

Sex and involving in physical encounters is very crucial for any true relation and its worth increases manifold after the marriage. It is the most potent method of showing love, devotion, and affection. Both genders have cravings for the opposite and when in a relation respecting that become a very good sign of showing care and love between the partners.

Shows willingness in taking relation to a next step:

Sex is important and becomes more when the marriage has just happened or is the beginning of a new relation. It is the best method of taking the involvement of each other to the next level and strengthens the bond of love. Most new couples feel hesitant in asking each other but when you are serious there is no lag getting intimate with your love. And if both partners do it with a consensus, becomes even more fruitful and cases more affection.

Lessens problems:

Relationship and sex go on and on. But when are facing problems in a relationship and not feeling comfortable, it becomes a soothing weapon to overcome problems. It has been seen in a number of marriages that ones who indulge in sexual encounters often are prone to fewer problems. It also is a great way to release the tension of the partner and makes feel comfortable and caring. So, whenever you feel something is taking your apart, make consensus and get to bed.

Brings partners together:

Sex is the best way to connect with your partner and show love. The more couples indulge in sex and physical intimacy, the closer they get to each other. The best of the encounter is pillow talk and spooning each other as show the loving nature and love.

Sexual health:

The lack of sex and physically getting in touch with your partner always poses bad effects on the sexual health of a person. It always better to keep away with sexual problems by frequently getting intimate in a relation. Also, it greatly influences and boosts the longevity of the relation by making both parties exclusive to each other as both can satisfy needs from each other.

What does a man need in a relationship?

The sexual desires are among both the men and the women. And according to studies women have more desire of getting laid in relation than a man but generally, they do not express as much. However, the men also have a great desire for getting laid with the partner and most of the time they do not hesitate to ask so. So what a man needs in a relationship is definitely sex but also sheer care, devotion and attention would work great for any person who is serious about taking it to the next level. What is important in relation to man is I think the mixture of love, sex, care, and attention.

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