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How to Rank Youtube Videos on First Page of Google

How to Rank Youtube Videos on First Page of Google

Are you a youtuber? Or do you plan on becoming one but don’t know how to get your channel the views that you need?

Well, this article has everything you need to know.

How to get more views on YouTube videos.

The Video Itself:

First off, you need to come up with a creative idea. Something that is different and can inspire and attract viewers. Do you have that? Good.
Now make sure your editing skills do not ruin the creativity behind the video. Most of the time the way you edit your videos has a serious impact on the viewers. You can make an average video look super amazing, or you can make a super amazing video look, well, meh.
It’s totally up to you.

However, if you want people to watch your videos, make sure the length of the video is of a considerable length. Usually, the video with the highest duration gets the most viewers.

The Title:

Another most important thing to consider is the title that you choose. A title must be short but one that sheds light on the most important event that is happening. Remember, viewers spend a lot more time reading the title and deciding which one to play than to actually watch the video. Hence, you should be spending a lot more time deciding what the title should be, than any other task on the list.

The Description:

Moreover, the description you plan to write must be a smart choice. You should never overboard your description with tons of unnecessary details, nor should you make your description sound absurd.

A description should be a nice summary of what is happening in the video, any sources that might be significant to mention and links to your other profiles.
But make sure you insert some line breaks and spaces between two different topics to make your description look appealing and well-organized.

The Comments/Reviews:

Never forget about the reviews or the comments section of the videos. This section can have a serious impact on the choice or the number of views that a video is likely to get long term. A single bad review can ruin all your hard work but good reviews can help attract quite a surprising number of viewers.

One way of getting around this is to have someone or a team of people on the inside. The job of this team should be merely be limited to posting good reviews on your videos or to share it on their respective social media with an attractive caption.

Creating Links:

Okay, but what can possibly work on this planet without links? Linking your channel to other social media can give a significant boost to your channel. By this I mean to post a link or stories with your channel’s name or link to it. The number of people in your friend list on Facebook or the number of followers on Instagram or the number of friends on snapchat can literally be more than just a number for you. Posting a link to your facebook/Instagram/ snapchat stories once in a while is how you can increase your views on your videos, because family and friends are, after all, among the first ones to help.

The Tags:

Last but not the least, the tags. This is easy. All you have to do is put the significant keywords in the tags section. For this, you must know who your target audience is. Once you have a clear idea of the people you think will be willing to watch the video, think of some short but important tags related to them.

As you probably know, keyword optimization is the main part of SEO and youtube SEO. So if a video has lots and lots of views, chances are, that video is optimized around a popular keyword.

How to Rank Video on First Page of Google:

Another way to get more views is to rank YouTube videos on the first page of google. This is pretty simple, all you to do it is pick certain keywords that Google videos already has on its tag.
As a matter, if fact, Google has certainly limited keywords for its search results. These keywords are usually how-to keywords, reviews, tutorials, anything fitness or sports related or funny videos.

Google, unlike other usual sites, reserves certain good standard videos for its first page of video search results.

Why is this important?

Lets a consider a scenario in which you don’t use the certain keywords which Google uses, in that case, your viewers will only be attracted from YouTube only.

However, if you use Google specified keywords, you can also get traffic from the thousands of search result views from Google daily.

But the real problem is:

How to find these keywords?

All you have to do is do a google search for look for keywords that are tagged in the videos that can be related to your videos.

Then use those tags on your video tags, and Voila!

You are good to go.

If your video is successful in being displayed on the first page of google you will be able to attract a lot more traffic than you can on YouTube alone.

This way your YouTube channel can be a huge success as well. The videos with the most views are displayed on top of the YouTube search result.

Once you do all this, your video should be ranked on the first page of the targeted keywords within 5 minutes. Good luck with it!

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