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How to Quit Smoking? Japanese Company Comes Up With a Unique Solution

How to Quit Smoking?

A Japan-based company Piala is offering its employees six days of additional holidays if they quit smoking. The offer is also available for already non-smoking employees. The step has been taken to compensate the time for non-smokers who spend more time on the desk then smokers. We are seeing such smoking side effects for the first time where you can lose on leaves. Read full detail here: How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking? Piala comes up with a unique solution:

Piala which is a Tokyo based marketing firm has come up with the unique idea to restrain its employees for smoking during office hours. The paid leave was offered to non-smokers in September this year when a non-smoking employee wrote a complain suggesting the solution. The how to quit smoking approach taken by the company is unique in its nature.

According to company’s ambassador, Hirotaka Matsushima, “one of a non-smoker from our company put a letter in our complaints and suggestion box earlier in the year”. Adding to his statement he said, the complainer wrote that cigarette breaks were causing problems.

After going through the complain, the CEO of the company, Takao Asuka personally took the issue and decided to offer the incentive to non-smokers in form of extra off time. The extra leaves offered are to convince addicted workers to leave the bad habit behind by baiting them rather than using force, Mr. Hirotaka added to his statement.

How to Quit Smoking?

How quitting smoking benefits professionals in Tokyo:

Talking to the Japan Times, the spokesman for Piala added, the company is located on the 29th floor of a skyscraper while the smoking area is in the basement. In the event of taking a single a short break, it took roughly 15 minutes which on average reached to 40 minutes a day for a single employee.

The company’s CEO also added we don’t want to punish our workers instead we are baiting them by offering benefits to those who do not smoke or quit smoking.

The quit smoking benefits for professionals are coming up this way for a very first time in the history while many other firms are trying to reduce smokers. The step of the company can be a very positive step towards creating awareness about smoking side effects.

The cigarette addiction is all-time at high figures and estimated 18% of country’s population is addicted to smoking. Japan government is also taking steps to crack down on public smoking before 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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