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How to Make or Write a Professional Resume or CV

How to Make or Write a Professional Resume or CV

To give a head start on what a resume and CV is, we will begin by ensuring that resume and CV are both the opposite of the same thing.

A CV is a much detailed version of the resume. A resume is more of a summary or an outline of your basic life whereas a CV has a little more details. If you are a beginner or even if you are updating your resume after a 2nd or a 3rd job, you are still making a resume. CV’s are for those professionals who have tons of experience piled up, and it is necessary for them to provide details for each and every one of them. Experience is just one difference between a resume and CV, there is other difference too which we do not look into to keep thing simple and less complicated. Since this article focuses on beginners and provides tips for those making a resume for the first time, we will consider them both a synonym of each other.

We all come across that point in life where we have struggled in making our CV’s. CV writing is no easy task, for a teenager looking hoping to get into the professional organization, his first and the topmost priority is to make the most impressive CV possible.

If you surf through the internet for CV formats, you may not be able to find one that looks professional, let’s not ignore the fact that beginners are not even aware of how a professional CV looks like.

Some important things to consider when writing a resume are:

1) Gather all the accurate, necessary, minor details needed:

Before you start making a resume, you need to be aware of the fact that resume is no joke. A company will only consider giving you a call if your resume is impressive enough. Having a nickname on top of the page instead of your actual name, for instance, will never help you get that job you are looking for. Your name should always be the one on your ID card.

2) Keep your bio simple and sophisticated:

Never over flood your bio with loads of details and information. Save that for the interview. Your bio is the 2nd thing the HR manager will look at but the most important part of your resume which he/she will consider. Thus, it is very important to keep the bio part of the resume tidy, well organized, sophisticated and professional.

3) Experience section of the resume:

Well, well. This is the most depressing section for most of us, but never the less, we always start with something and if you are a beginner, don’t be upset that your experience section is empty. There are loads of jobs out there that are looking for fresh graduates/ non-graduates with no experience. Never underestimate your self. We all start from somewhere; this could be your start.

4) Difference between extracurricular and skills and interest:

Never make the mistake of confusing these two. These are two very different things with a thick line separating each other. Know the difference before you move on. Extracurricular are the activities you take part during your school hours or for other academic purposes. These may be similar to the skills and interest at times but they are usually not. Whereas skills and interest include your hobbies and how you spend your free time, even if that means you spend it surfing on the internet or playing video games, none of these are a waste of time. Surfing the internet increases your knowledge about the general world and video games helps increasing your attention span thus never be ashamed of how you spend your free time.

5) Never be in a rush when making your resume:

Lastly, always sit down, take your time, think, relax and then start making your resume. Make sure you are not too stressed out when making your CV or you are not in a rush to meet a deadline either. Messing even a single number can cost you the salary of that one job. Make sure you insert all the details precisely and in a well-organized manner. Always save the file in PDF and when applying for jobs/internships, only send the PDF version and try to keep your resume to one page only.

Professional resume formats:

professional resume format

professional resume format 2

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