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How to Choose a Career Path in Life

How to Choose a Career Path in Life

There are 2 types of people in the world, those who have their life fully planned and know what to do in future and what not to do and those who just go with the flow and decide on things spontaneously. Not so surprisingly, the number of those who go with the flow is quite immense compared to the other category. Deciding on a career path is no piece of cake. You may want something today but change your mind about it 2 years from now. Maybe what inspires you today won’t inspire you tomorrow. This is all normal and its how life goes on for almost everyone. But this article is going to make your life easier.

Make a list of all the careers you can choose from:

Making a list is always the best way to give a head start to anything. Make a list of all the careers that you think you can choose from, but when you do this, make sure you keep aside all the biases that may interfere and by that I mean society or parent’s expectations, your friend’s opinion or your sibling’s recommendations. It is your career and no one other than you should be the sole owner of taking this decision.

What should the list contain?

Now the question is if we minimize all the above mentioned things then on what basis do we insert careers on the list? Well, this should purely be based on your interests, your hobbies, your talent, your inspirations and above all, how you decide what your future should look like.

Find out all your interests and hobbies:

Your hobby is probably one of the best ways to decide on what interests you the most. Never think of your hobby or your skills as inferior to another one’s. Most importantly, never decide a career on the amount of money you may or may not be able to ear. It is very much possible that you could be a billionaire but not happy because the work you do every day is not of your particular interest thus always go with what makes you happy because in the end, trust me when I say you are the only one who will live with that career choice, not your friends, not your siblings and not even your parents.


Once you have decided on the possible careers that will make you happy (and not rich) you then need you shortlist them and decide on 3 to 4 of them. You should do this by spending time on each and every one of them daily and see which one catches your attention the most and doesn’t make you feel bored by the time you finish it.


How can anything be decided upon without a little research? One you have shortlisted 3 to 4 of the careers that make you really happy, you then need to do some research on all of them. If you are in your senior year in high school and trying to decide on a career path, then you need to research the best universities which offer the career you pick. Remember; always stick to your choice of career at this point you cannot jump back to the ones you cancelled from your list. This will make things way more complicated than it is about to get.

Find out all the universities that are offering courses related to your career and cross out those universities which are not. You may want to do this by using the list of top universities in the world offering those courses. Even if the best university in the world isn’t offering what you want, don’t feel bad about your choice, there must be a better university waiting for you.

Deciding on a university:

Never decide on a university based on the expenses that may occur. Always consider other important things first. For example is the degree they are offering accredited? What is the demand and value of the degree in job market? Obviously, not everyone can go the top universities in the world but that list goes onto literally thousands. If you are picking up a university on your hometown or in another specific country, use that list to find out where the universities of your specific country fall on that list. For example, if you are planning to go to Germany and you decide to do interior designing, you will have to search “best universities in Germany for interior designing with world ranking” Wikipedia will then provide you with a list of all the universities that are offering interior designing in Germany along with the number of its world ranking. Internationally recognized universities are always a better and a safer option. As for the expense part, if you think you may not be able to afford the expenses you can always apply for a scholarship or an aid provided by the university. Almost every university now offers at least 4 to 5 types of aids. Even if you don’t qualify for any one of them, you can apply for a government aid, if you think that too comes with string attached you can go for part time enrollment and pull night shift with a job. It may look hectic but experience is what makes a resume beautiful.

The Application Process:

Now that you have list of the universities you can apply to, keep a track of their deadlines. You wouldn’t want to carry bags of regrets with you for the rest of your life by missing out on a deadline. Always extend your choice of universities with some backup options. A backup hurts no one. You may think that is a waste of time but backup is what you can count on when you have nothing else left.

The Personal Statement:

Always use as much help and guidance possible for this part of the process. Ask your parents or your counselor to read your personal statement over and over again until you come up with that perfect piece of work. You should spend 50% of your time during the application process on the personal statement. Submit your application on time and then sit back and try to distract yourself until you hear from the university.

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