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How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System, Urine, Blood and Hair?

How Long Does Adderall Stay in Your System, Urine, Blood and Hair?

How long does Adderall stay in your system?

As the mankind is growing and paving the way to nurture everything in its favor, there are some that are getting out of control. Yes! I am talking about diseases. The average life of humans nowadays is very much less than as that of some 100 years ago. There are many diseases that are either noncurable or if curable, have medication that is very intense and gives side effects. One such is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the cure for which is Adderall. Let’s first have a clear idea of what it is and then we will look at different aspects of the medication, Adderall urine test detection time and several other factors as well.

Adderall is a used as a medication for a Hyperactivity disorder called ADHD or Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Though it was developed by Shire Pharmaceuticals to treat the disorder patients but has become most widely abused the prescription drug. And the number of addicts using this drug is growing very fast. To cater to and find out if someone is taking Adderall, a proper drug inspection is needed. But in order to know the fact for how long does Adderall stay in your urine and the fastest way to Adderall out of your system, read this guide until the end.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

How long does Adderall stay in your system?

The people that take it solely for the purpose of medication for ADHD get only the benefits of it but for those who use it as an addiction, Adderall Is as dangerous as any other drug. No matter for what reasons someone is taking it, the time how long does it stay in your system is 3-4 days normally.

That was a bird’s eye view, let’s take a look little deeper to know more.

The three constituents of Adderall are, amphetamine isomer, dextroamphetamine isomer, and the last one is levoamphetamine. The complete removal of the last dose does not only depend on the time of your last dose but also of all these constituents half-lives. The dextroamphetamine has half removal life of 10 to 12 hrs and the later removes somewhere between 11 to 14 hrs. Collectively it becomes a matter of 60 to 77 hrs, which is 2.5 to 3 days approximately. Also, amphetamine isomer also forms some metabolites such as benzoic acid, benzyl methyl ketone, and p-hydroxy-amphetamine that also take some time but subsequently lesser than the ones forming them.

Types of test that prove the presence of Adderall in the human body after usage:

There are a number of tests that determine any drug use during a specific time frame. The usage of Adderall can also be defined using these dope tests. Let’s have a deeper look separately on each of the individual tests characteristics and features.

How long does Adderall stay in your urine?

The drug testing is done in several ways; one easy way of doing it is with the help of urine test. Different tests have different conventions and provide results at different time frames. Also, to detect different types of addictions, there are different types of test. How long does Adderall stay in your urine can also determine the urine test? However, like every other, this test is also dependant on the rate of metabolism or the quantity of drug consumption. But normally, the users no matter patients or addicts can be diagnosed with Adderall up to 4 days. Addicts who take heavy dosage might be diagnosed up to 7 days.

How long does Adderall stay in your blood?

Another common test that is used widely to determine if the person is using the drug is a blood test. Different test types are more effective in the specific type of drug addicts. For example, a urine test is far more effective in case of Adderall than blood test as it provides better results even after some long time usage. But how long does Adderall stay in your blood is subject to same conventions of metabolic and usage rate? For the average user, the test can detect between 12 to 24 years. But it may provide wrong results due to shorter span.

How long does Adderall stay in your hair?

Both blood and urine test provide exact results but to some extents only. The hair follicle test, however, is considered very accurate for every kind of drug addiction testing. Though, it is very accurate, not used very commonly because of its expensive fee and very involved testing procedures. The main feature of this test is that it can detect drug use and especially determine how long does Adderall stay in your hair even after 3 months.

Like every addiction and overdose has some side effects, Adderall doesn’t have much of a severe one’s but it has little side effects that might affect the overall charm and personality of an addict. The common effect on regular users is hair thinning or hair loss. Yes, Adderall and hair growth are connected but also it Adderall hair follicle test determines that the continuous addicts have been diagnosed with hair loss and hair fall commonly.

If you are facing this problem and in need of serious treatment to stop losing your charming hairs, I have one to offer you. If you are not taking medicine being prescribed by the doctor but rather abusing it, stop immediately and your hairs might stop falling in the long run. However, there is no guarantee the formula works or not but it is a good practice to leave a bad habit behind. Doctors also suggest that Adderall hair loss recovery is never possible but it is a good practice to stop its abuse and that might work for most of the people.

Factors that influence dope test results on individuals:

Though all dope tests give accurate results there are some external factors that might influence the results on individuals. And these factors are mostly to be concerned about one individual. Let’s have a look at each of these factors:

  1. Height, weight and other BMI factors:

The individual and his Body Mass Index factors such as height and weight might affect how long the drug will remain in the system.

  1. The usage of drug:

The usage of drug and its detection is greatly dependant on how much it has been used. The higher the amount is used, the longer it will remain in the system, and for a longer time, it will be detected.

  1. Metabolism strength of individual:

The metabolism speed of individual also greatly effects the time it will be present in the system. Any individual with faster metabolism speed will have shorter duration to be detected with it and the one having slow metabolism speed will be diagnosed after a longer period.

Adderall side effects for long-term and heavy usage:

Like I said earlier and commonly known, everything has its side effects when abused. Similarly, when abused heavily or used without prescription Adderall also affects negatively on the human body. Here we are sharing some of the long-term effects of heavy Adderall use.

Sleep difficulties:

People who are prone to use huge dosage might often experience sleep difficulties. And in the long run, these sleep difficulties might convert into tension and pose further bad impacts.

Weight loss:

It has been seen in the addicts that people who use heavy medicine without prescription face the problem of weight loss more severe than normal human beings. It might affect person’s immune capacity to fight diseases as it causes heavy weight loss.

Mood Swings:

Mood swings have also been noticed among heavy users of drugs. These mood swings are severe for the overall personality of the person as these might ruin most of the good habits. Also, the chances of getting more irritated due to such mood swings increase manifold and the person might feel lonely at times.

Inability to concentrate:

The overuse of everything is bad for human health even overeating might cause serious troubles to some people. Similarly over using any drug or abusing it might pose threats the health of humans. Adderall has serious side effects on human due to heavy usage and one among those is the inability to concentrate.

Side effects of Adderall for adults:

Side effects of Adderall for adults are also the same as for elder people except that the consequences in the later are more severe. As youngsters have greater immune power, they can fight more diseases but drug abuse cannot be fought and it leaves its bad impacts similarly for all age groups.

Side effects of Adderall for adults

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