How Fashion Affects People and Their Positive/Negative Effects

How Fashion Affects People and Their PostiveNegative Effects

How fashion affects people and some positive/negative effects of fashion on society

The latest and repeating trends that people adapt to add value to their overall appearance is called fashion. These trends involve the choice of specific clothing, accessories and other products that produce some value when done in the right way. Fashion is also the behavior of people in different matters. The fashion trends have always been volatile. With time to time different things kept changing the fashion and with fashion also changed the human behavior and appearance. Talking about the latest fashion trends, well, current fashion trends are good in most people’s views, some people go against them. In this article, we will try to find out is fashion harmful to society? Also, we will try to get the answer to the question how fashion affects society? While keeping a look at the positive/negative effects of fashion on society.

How fashion affects the society and what are some impacts of fashion:

Everything that humans practice and adapt something as a living standard, affects their living in one way or the other. Similarly is the case with fashion and there also exist some positive/negative effects of fashion on society.

Some negatives of the fashion industry and how fashion is harmful to society:

The negative influence of fashion on women health:

Fashion defines the personality but the latest trends of women fashion project a very unhealthy woman as an ideal figure. This leads to confusion among many women. A study conducted in the UK resulted in women getting mental illness over not being of the so-called ideal body size. This confusion leads to different eating disorders which affect the health of women badly, and in the end, affects the whole society.

Bad fashion trends are making people materialistic:

Is fashion harmful to society? Not really, but there are some aspects that lead to negativity. One of such bad aspect of fashion is that it puts great value on the appearance of people than the positivity in nature. It has become a criterion to measure the success of people. While negating the positivity in human nature, the materialistic approach in determining the personality of human beings is a bad approach.

How fashion affects society in a positive way?

Fashion is not a bad thing at all nor does it only put negative effects on the society, there are other several factors that portray positive effects of fashion on society. Fashion on the positive side helps people in grooming their personality. It also motivates people to stay neat, clean and healthy.

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