Crunches and Their Types

Crunches and Their Types

Are you concerned about the weird shape that your belly is taking?

Or are you obsessed with the thought of a flat belly?

Then, this article will help you out just like your personal trainer.

Crunches help you strengthen your abdominal muscle. The picture below describes the right way of doing crunches.

Types of Crunches

Types of Crunches:

Now, there are different ways to do crunches.

  1. You can allow your feet to rest on the ground while your upper body stretches up and down. The point of keeping your hands behind your neck is to ensure that you don’t use your arms to raise your body in order to put all your effort of raising your upper body on your abdominal. This method of crunches will only focus on your abdominal.
  2. A basic, full crunch is when you raise your body while your entire legs lay on the ground flat. As you raise your body, your abdominal presses and burns some immense amount of fat off your body.
  3. Another way of doing crunches is to raise both your knees high enough that your elbows touch them. This method further focuses slightly on your biceps and thighs.
  4. This method of crunches will not only strengthen your abdominal but also give the perfect shape to your thighs. In this method, you raise your opposite feet and elbow at a time and then the other two pair, next. This will make your thighs move in a bicycle movement. This is called side crunches. This is the perfect way to lose belly fat by doing these crunches at home.
  5. One other extremely fascinating way of doing crunches is to set your knees in a 90-degree position and raise your upper body, with your hands resting on your neck.
  6. Twisting crunches is the perfect way to reduce your love handles. This way of crunches tightens up your side belly fat, giving you just the perfect curves you desire.
  7. Reverse crunches are the best way to shape your biceps and get your abs back in shape as well. This method of crunches will make you sit on your knees and your stretched helping you sit in a 90degree position like the picture below shoes. As you press your arms downwards towards the ground, it should put pressure on your abdomen and biceps as well, which is simply added to the long list of benefits of crunches.

benefits of crunches

How to do Crunches Properly:

  • One of the most common mistakes while performing crunches is to use the help of your elbows to raise your upper body. This reduces the pressure that your abdomen requires and will have no effect. The best way is to ensure your elbows never touch the ground.
  • Make sure you use yoga matt; otherwise your backbone will hurt as it rubs against the ground. Yoga matt should be your top priority when you make up your mind about starting a home-based In case of the gym, ensure you listen carefully to your trainer.
  • Never raise your neck too high. This can hurt your neck really bad. The pressure is merely on your abdomen and nothing else. Pressuring your neck to raise your body can result in an injury. Your neck should always be in line with your stiff upper body and as calm as possible. Make sure your chin is high up otherwise you might end up with double chins, and that’s not good.

The After Effects of Crunches:

The after effects of crunches can include pain in the abdomen and sides of your belly. But it is nothing to worry about. This pain is normal when you start working out even after a couple of days or months. It takes about 2-3 weeks for this pain to vanish. But until then you must not be demotivated to continue. One of the best ways to ease off the pain is to get yourself used to it. Keep doing it until it stops hurting. This is the fastest way to get rid of the initial effects of the workout.


One question that is asked most of the time is how many times one must carry out these crunches. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t exceed 15 times. Doing it more than 15 crunches can have adverse effects. However, if you are an amateur, you can go up to 20 crunches, but not more than that. Professionals are advised not to exceed 30 crunches.


Never forget to consume 2 meals a day. Exercises can be pretty exhausting itself, not consuming enough nutrients can make you feel weak and the first rule of exercise is to feel energetic. Losing weight, getting into shape is a lot part of life, but nothing should be prioritized above health. We must accept ourselves the way we are. But if you are still trying to get into shape, you must not forget to eat healthily.

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