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Australia win Ashes Series in Style by 4-0

Australia win Ashes Series in Style by 4-0

The breakup of Ashes series 2017:

The Ashes of 2017, in fact, the whole 2017 was a very bad year from England cricket. After losing from Pakistani in the Champions Trophy, Ashes is another setback for England. The England tour of Australia for the 2017 Ashes was the worst series we have ever watched. A poor bowling performance from the visitors and the brilliant batting performance from the hosts gave victory to the host Australian team.

The story of the 1st test:

The first test between the arch-rivals was played on 23-11-2017. England scored 302 in the first innings which Australia easily chased in its first innings and made a total of 328. In the second innings, England scored 195 on 10 wickets. The host side easily chased the target and won the first test match of the series getting one step ahead of the visitors.

England lost by 120 runs in 2nd test match:

Played on 02-12-2017, the second test match of the series was an also a blow for the English team as they lost the important contest by a huge margin. In the historic ground of Adelaide Oval, the two arch rivals met face to face of which came an exciting match. Visitors won the toss and elected to bowl first. Aussies smashed a huge score 442 in the first innings and declared, in response to which Englishmen started shakily and were bowled out at just 227. In the second innings, the hosts scored 138 for 10 and 233/10 from the rivals and the match was won by Aussies by 120 runs.

3rd test:

Once again a very disappointing performance from the English side. England set the total of 403 in 1st innings which was nothing for the mighty Australian side as they scored 662 in response. England team was booked at just mere of 218 and the hosts won by an innings to spare and 41 runs.

The 4th test was of significant, England was saved from whitewash:

The 4th match of the 5 match Ashes series 2017 was an interesting one. Australia started with 327 runs in response to which Englishmen scored 491. In the second innings, Aussies scored 263 and the match was drawn, saving the visitors from the whitewash.

5th and the last contest:

Once again a bad start by the visiting side set the total of 346 and the poorer bowling performance which helped hosts score a mountain of 649 and declare.  The second innings was another disappointment but this time from the batsmen as the whole England team went to a pavilion at just 180 runs. Aussies easily bagged the match and the whole series.

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