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After Microsoft, Apple is also Planning to Combine Apps for IOS and Mac

Apple to combine iOS and macOS apps

Hybrid apps are coming play and Apple can’t leave behind. After Microsoft, Apple is also planning to merge two of its ecosystems to offer better services to its clients. The two ecosystems, App Store for iOS and mobile devices and Mac OS for desktop devices have been two different worlds, but now the company is planning to unite them. Before Apple, Microsoft has also tried something similar but unfortunately, they could not succeed. So the question here is whether the Apple can succeed here or not. Are unified applications for both the platforms of Apple possible?

Apple has been constantly receiving complaints how the Mac OS store was often neglected by the developers. Developers need to build two different solutions for both the platforms and this is why the macOS store often gets neglected. By apple succeeding in its mission to unify the apps i.e the apps that can work on the desktop or mobile platform alike, developers have to only write solution for one. Surely Apple wants traffic towards its macOS store and the only hurdle it has is the late updates from the app developers.  This way not only the desktop applications available on the store will update frequently but also will become feature full which the company can cash afterward. However, the people downloading applications from third parties have nothing to do with it.

Apple to combine iOS and Mac OS apps!!!

Can Apple succeed in combining iOS and macOS applications?

They have named their new project, Marzipan. It feels somewhat similar to the efforts Microsoft made some years ago. Microsoft, however, failed in its objectives but it is quite interesting how Steve Job’s Apple comes up with the task. It is also important to have a look at what Microsoft did and why they failed.

Microsoft designed Windows 8 with an aim to provide a single UI for all the screen resolutions from 32-inch to the small Smartphone screen. The Metro apps from Microsoft platform were optimized for different screen resolutions. However, Microsoft did not provide any developer platform like the one Apple is trying to.

The difference between Apple and Microsoft plan to go through:

Microsoft failed in its bid to develop applications that would work on desktop and mobile alike due to several reasons. The requirements for Windows Store apps were entirely different and most of the times applications bought or downloaded from independent software vendors worked better.

Microsoft and Apple both have different positions. The idea from Microsoft was great however, it small Smartphone market had no place among giants. Apple, on the other hand, has a very great and successful iOS market.

Microsoft did not fail in its plan to create a solid UI but the problem there was the small market and the lack of developers to build applications for Windows Store. Most the problems faced in Windows 8 were the best design solutions in a tablet. We can say without the doubt that the reason for Microsoft’s failure entirely was lack of developer’s interest. Apple, however, has great chances in this regard as they have a very strong audience base. Let’s hope and see what they come up with.

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