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A Complete Introduction on Junk Food

A Complete Introduction on Junk Food

Junk food, in its literal term, is any packaged food with high calories and low nutrient. According to research, an average American spends approximately $1200 on junk food every year. The junk food business has been growing rapidly since a number of years now, coming up with new exciting dishes to attract teenagers. The most commonly consumed junk food is burgers, pizza and fires. The mere thought of life without junk food sounds legit impossible to almost everyone on this planet now. Even though the impact of these foods is crystal clear to the consumers, we tend to act absurd whenever we are asked to make a choice between healthy eating and fast food.

The 5 major categories of Junk food are:

  1. Soft Drinks:

    The worst substitute to water ever invented with tons of sugar and chemical, acidifying laden.

  2. Egg and sausage sandwich:

    Ruining the concept of healthy breakfast since a longtime now, sausage sandwiches fall under the category of the harmful junk foods.

  3. Burgers:

May sound extremely delicious but bacon cheeseburger is another name for HFCS contained food with tons of fats calories and cholesterol attached to it.

  1. French fries:

The most appealing and the most consumed junk on earth, French fries, is simply irresistible but the next time you think of buying fries think of it as a fat bomb fried in unhealthy oil that can the mother of the hundreds of disease growing inside you.

  1. Pizza:

This mouthwatering dish may not sound as if you remember how toxic it is for your body and especially skin.

Why Is Junk Food Unhealthy?

As appealing as it may look, junk food is the root to some of the major diseases found in human system. According to center for science in public interest the major cause of premature death in 2010 is due to high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, high body-mass index and physical inactivity. Even though major research focuses only on Americans but same is the case around the world as well. The human diet has taken a massive turn. We don’t consume nutrients but instead we consume diseases in the form of stroke, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.

Digestive problems:

The extremely high amount of carbohydrates causes problems in your digestive system making which is the cause of major stomach ache. Even if the digestive system is successful in breaking down these little to no fiber food, the glucose enters your blood stream making your sugar level rise to a point where it is unhealthy and actually harmful of survival. Your regulated body is able to handle the spikes in blood sugar as long as you are healthy, but that too is in question if your diet sticks to numerous amounts of junk food consumption.


We all want to look as slim as possible but we can’t let go the junk food from our diet plan. Around 78,100,000 Americans alone suffer from obesity. Not only are obese people bullied by the society but even the job market will prefer a healthy and fit person over an obese person due to obvious reasons which are he/she will not be as productive as fit person. Obese people are not even preferred in sports which are probably the important part of a student’s life. Even though this is partly caused by video games and technology, but the major cause of obesity is junk food. A single burger of McDonald’s has 250 calories, 1 gram of polyunsaturated, 4 grams of monounsaturated and a surprising number of 26 mgs of cholesterol. This data is related to a small single hamburger from McDonalds which takes less than 5 minutes to be gobbled up but imagine the time it will take for a person to burn this much calories and lose weight. Crazy right? Just to treat our taste buds for less than 5 minutes, we give birth to such a harmful disease within ourselves. A single can of soda may not look so harmful but imagine this the next time you decide to buy one, a single can of soda contains around 8 teaspoons of sugar which is purely 130 calories and 39 grams of sugar and it takes up to 1 or 2 hours of walk at a normal pace to lose this much calories and weight. Not only does obesity cause respiratory problems but can also cause asthma and shortness of breath, and every one in 13 humans suffer from asthma today not allowing them to reach simple endless possibilities such as participating in a tough sports match.

Blood pressure and stress:

Another harmful disease caused by junk food is high blood pressure and most importantly stress. The high level of sodium present in these fat foods can increase pressure in your blood flow and can put your heart to unrest, affecting your cardiovascular system. A study shows that there is 1292 milligrams of sodium present in a single junk meal consumed by humans daily. This explains the fact that teenagers and young adults are a lot more stressed than compared to earlier generations. Stress does not only effect your inner system but can also cause discomfort in your daily routine making you distracted and at unrest which then leads to bad focus in classroom, bad grades and eventually low GPA. You see, how your diet can be one of the major causes of the unfortunate events, such as not getting into a desired university, in your life.

Reproductive System:

As scary as it may sound, one of the most dreadful effects of junk food on health is the effect on fertility.  Junk food contains chemicals that can interrupt hormonal processes in your body which leads to birth defects and other reproductive issues. Junk food is hence a proven cause of the high number of women who are unable to give birth including premature deaths.

Effect on skin, hair and nails:

Every teenager and even adults suffer from acne, hair loss or nail issues. Earlier, chocolates and pizzas were blamed for the increasing number of people suffering from harsh, unbearable acne but recent studies has shown that acne is mainly caused by carbohydrates present in the junk food consumed by them. As mentioned earlier, carbohydrates cause sugar levels to rise which are first step towards acne problems. A high number of young boys now going bald in a very early age, opting for hair transplants or other similar techniques, but its high point that we go to the root of these problems and get rid of such problems from where it all started.

Tooth Aches:

High levels of carbohydrates causes tooth ache as it causes acids in our mouth causing bacteria to be formed and cavities to take place. Today, dentists are considered the most profitable field in medical due to the number of people who suffer from cavity problems.

Effects on Bones:

Other disadvantages of junk food include the effects on bone. Obese people are much more likely to break their bones than the fit ones. This is because their bones are so used to relaxing all the time that when they walk or fall even slowly, their unhealthy muscles cannot bear the weight of the body and breaks down. Moreover, high levels of sugar can cause your bones to become weaker while high level so blood pressure can make you sweat faster than a fit person, which tricks you into thinking that you are losing weight but you are actually not.

10 Interesting Facts on Junk food:

  1. Middle and low income groups accounts for more than half the sales of junk food as compared to upper and high income groups.
  2. Some junk food triggers brain activity in the same way as drugs and cocaine.
  3. A single burger has the meat of hundreds or even thousands of cattle, which is why many Indians even today are opposed to consuming beef burgers since they consider cattle to be their God which is why McDonalds came up with a special McAloo Tikki Burger for precisely for Indians.
  4. Children today recognize McDonald’s logo even before they learn their own names.
  5. Junk food’s fat has such an effect on the brains which makes you want more and this effect lasts for 7 days.
  6. French fries were not introduced by France; they first started selling in Belgium. The word ‘French’ describes the style in which they are cut.
  7. The word junk food gained popularity from the song junk food junkie in 1976.
  8. In the age of illiteracy, the name “Pound cake” was founded by the recipe in which one pound of sugar, butter, eggs and flour was used so as to remember the recipe easily.
  9. Cracker Jack was the first ones to use toys to attract children to junk food.
  10. Around 4 pounds of French fries are consumed by an average American annually which is also the most consumed junk food in the world.

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