5 Ways to Prevent Food Wastage

5 Ways to Prevent Food Wastage

Food is very important for our living yet we humans waste a plenty of it. According to a research somewhere near to 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year by us, the humans. This unimaginable careless attitude towards the most important thing for our survival is very shocking. Though the impacts of food wastage are very lethal for our existence and survival, still the governments and the whole society in unserious about this miserable situation. According to facts disclosed by an international organization around 795 million humans in the entire world are undernourished. An anti-food waste activist Tristram Stuart said in the global food waste scandal that most of the European and American countries have already collected up to 200% of nutritional requirements for their population. These food wastage facts are disturbing for the entire world but the human race has not become aware of the situation up till now.

Some amazing and disturbing food wastage facts and impacts of food wastage:

The United States has double the amount of food required to feed its citizens while in many parts of world humans are starving to death. Among the impacts of food wastage on the environment the most serious one is that food wastage also squanders our resources of water, energy, and land. Food waste problem is a serious threat to our ecosystem. The UN’s food and agriculture organization state in its report: if we make wasted food a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. It would consume almost $2.6 trillion trees and that too for each year. Also, the wasted food country would cover close to 30% farmable lands on our planet.

Food waste problem and its solutions in 5 easy ways:

Food waste is the biggest problem the planet earth is facing now. Here are the 5 best food waste solutions to fight food waste:

5 best food waste solutions

1) The disco parties for discarded food:

A group of young fighters who were fighting against food waste gathered in Berlin in 2012 to make a meal for thousands of demonstrators and record their protest again food wastage. They also presented a solution to this biggest problem faced by the world today. The protestors came up with a unique idea of cooking a soup on disco soundtrack and with discarded vegetables. 300 people made a soup together and it was easily served to 9000. The idea becomes popular and was adopted by people in other regions of the world too.

2) Jihyun Ryou’s designer and elegant food storage method:

The Korean designer came up with an outstanding idea when moving from Korea to Italy. When she found nothing to store food to keep it fresh for longer she ended up calling her grandmother. She adopted some old recipes for preserving food fresh for longer period of time and designed the fun out of them. People often forget items after preserving them into fridges and they get wasted. She used designers mind to keep such food items in the sight and in a presentable manner where they look beautiful.

3) A chip that saves food from being thrown away:

Often we throw out eating products like salmon from our refrigerator just because we don’t remember the date when we bought it. To address this issue some Norwegian students developed a chip that would tell people about the shelf life of any food product. The temperature of any perishable product how long it is going to be edible. The chip measures the temperatures at which a product is kept and then tells an educated guess on the life of the product.

4) To donate instead of waste:

In 2016 a French politician and member of the National Assembly succeeded in passing a bill from the French National Assembly. He stated when I was a student I had a very little money and I used to skip meals to save it. He saw superstores destroy their unsold food products which deeply saddened him and he decided to end the practiced. The later year when the bill was passed, nearly 10 million meals were served to the poor and needy.

5) Products sold at cheap prices nearly reach “Best before” date:

In the Netherlands, there is a mobile application which helps sellers sell their products becoming useless due to best before dates. The products are available at relatively low prices than normal products. Nearly 20, 000 people are using the app and buying products. Not only it helps the sellers to sell their products but also helps buyers to find products at low prices.

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