The 15-degree rule in cricket no longer harms Hafeez says, Carl

The 15-degree rule in cricket

Pakistan cricket is in its all-time golden era. And so is the golden period for its players. Mohammad Hafeez, world’s number one all-rounder whose action was reported in the 3rd ODI of the series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka for his illegal bowling action. Now according to Carl Crowe, leading spin-bowling consultant, says Hafeez can easily make out of the test third time in his career. Hafeez should have to pass the 15-degree rule in cricket to continue his bowling.

Muhammad Hafeez’s bowling action reported again:

Hafeez was up for a bowling action test on Wednesday at ICC Loughborough. This is the first time in his career when his bowling action was reported, most for any bowler. But in a statement Carl gave to a cricketing website, he said, the Pakistani all-rounder will easily make it.

Carl has served as the bowler’s consultant before. He has also helped West Indian Sunil Narine in his action. Hafeez consulted Crowe when he was banned for a year from bowling for reported illegal bowling action.

Hafeez is just fine with the 15-degree rule in cricket:

According to the 15-degree rule in cricket, every bowler’s arm must not extend more than 15 degrees. Analyzing the rule deeply, the rule is applied when a bowler lifts his hands above shoulder height and before the release of the ball. The angle between this time should not exceed the limit of 15-degree, which resulted in illegal bowling action.

ICC ODI all-rounder rankings reveal Hafeez on top:

Hafeez also made it to the world’s number 1 in ICC ODI all-rounder ranking. Now, the news coming from the world’s great spin-bowling consultant is definitely a source of joy for him and his fans.

Muhammad Hafeez’s bowling action was reported during the series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. He was also the part of playing eleven in champions Trophy 2017 and T20’s played in Pakistan. Carl’s words in favor of the Paki star would definitely entice both his fans as well as the PCB.

“The off-spinner has been playing all over the world since he changed his action after the ban. And I am confident that his arm is moving at the right angle”. Adding to his statement, the spinner’s consultant told media that he was confident that his flex will not harm his action and he will just pass the test.

Concluding his action he said, “It is obviously difficult to tell with a naked eye but from what I know, he is fine and I am confident”.

The result of this test is soon to be revealed but this news is of course very pleasant for him and his fans around the globe.

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