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Top Brands of Electronic Cigarettes

Top Brands of Electronic Cigarettes

The number of smokers is increasing with every day, not just in our country but in all around the world. The use of e-cigarettes is also increasing. The use of e-cigarettes stimulates the feeling of smoking and also reduces the side effects of smoking as well. E-cigarettes have liquid inside it which is heated to generate aerosols, these aerosols are called vapors. These vapors are inhaled by users. Most of the people use e-cigarettes these days and many e-cigarette brands have been launched but it is important to know the best brand to have the best experience of smoking.

 Not all e-cigarettes have nicotine in their liquid, so you can buy those to reduce chances of health risks as tobacco is not used in it. Electronic cigarettes also reduce the chances of throat ache, vomiting and nausea like conditions. So off course E-Cigarettes are better than the regular cigarettes.

Here we will discuss about the top e-cigarette brands including their side effects and other disadvantages and useful effects. Also we will discuss that which brand will give you the most light smoking affect so that you can not become a chain smoker or an addictive person. Moreover, which electronic cigarettes are safe for your lungs? We will also mention about the starter kit of e-cigarettes.

Some of the most famous starter kits are following.

1- MIG Cig Basic E-Cigarette Starter Kit

This e-cigarette starter kit comes in a very affordable price and can give you the best controlling experience. The only drawback of this e-cigarette is that it can give strong flavor to some people and can be incompatible for their taste, moreover, another drawback is that its pen can become very hot. Other than these, it is very comfortable to use. It enables the user to control the coils, amount of vapors and nicotine strength as well. These things keep this starter kit in superior quality. Another benefit is that it has long battery life and can be used for hours. This starter kit can be easily available online.

2- HALO G6

HALO G6 comes in a very simple and graceful design, giving its users maximum value. It comes with two batteries, so this means, giving a long time battery life. This is extremely portable and easy to use. The disadvantages of HALO G6 are that sometimes their batteries do not get charged and cartridges usually do not perform well with VG-heavy e-juice. Other than that, these starter kits come in 8 different colors. Their battery has the tendency to last for more than 200 puffs. This kit is also available online or near other smoking areas.

3- Magnum Snaps E-Cig Starter Kit

It comes in five flavor cartridges with two batteries, which means they also give a long time battery power. The cartridges can last for 300 puffs but it also depends upon the usage. It comes with a wall adaptor, two chargers and a USB as well. There are only two variants of flavor for the flavor cartridges. EPuffer offers either a tobacco or sweet-flavored five-pack of cartridges. There are three nicotine strengths for each flavor, 0mg, 6mg, and 12mg. Users can also choose five-blank cartridges to use their e-juice. The only disadvantage of this kit is that it provides low vapor production. The advantages include fast battery charging and also good throat hit.

4- KandyPens Slim

The Slim does not come with any button, It is just like its name “Slim” and elegant. It provides fast USB charging. This pen-styled vaporizer is for oils and other e-liquids, to control this vapor you just need to remove and adjust the tank. User just needs to fill the tank and attach it to the battery and it is good to go! The drawbacks include small size tank and low vapor production. Other than these, this e-cigarette comes in the best ones!

Now here we will discuss about the top brands of electronic cigarettes.


The ratings of Mig vapor are quite high and the users like it a lot. Mig Vapor starter kits go from $20 up to $100+. While the pricier e-cigs look a bit overpriced, what’s included in the package (usually two batteries, several cartridges, and so on) is definitely worth the price tag. Their e-cig mod, the Neo, is one of the cheapest ones in its class and costs only $59.95. If you’re looking for quality at an affordable price, make sure to check Mig Vapor.


If you are looking for valuable money, portability, above good battery life, and well performance, you can not go wrong if you are choosing one of Halo’s vape devices. You just need to simply visit their website and make sure to join the Halo Loyalty Program – collect points with every purchase and exchange them for discounted offers and other free stuff. Halo is best-known for their flavorful USA-made e-juices and is continually developing new flavors that are very popular with vapers. Their G6 Starter kit is used by thousands of beginner vapers, and vaping veterans swear by their Triton II e-cig kit. In addition to those two, Halo also manufactures some of the most advanced vape mods on the market. They provide the vapes which are least harmful for the human body


The JUUL starter kits come with four pods and many different flavors containing 0.7 ml of vape juice at whopping nicotine level of 50mg/mL. The pods are easy to use. Once they are empty, you can simply take the pod out and insert a fresh one and you’re good to go. The vapor is flavorful, thick, and there’s plenty of it. This brand is most frequently known as the Apple of the vaping industry providing with the best e-cigarettes. They all are really easy to use and cost friendly. But some of their cigarettes are expensive its features (portability, great performance, excellent flavor, and others) more than make up for that.


Most of the starter kits are available online. And above mentioned brands have also their personal websites, where you can contact with them directly after searching the best e-cigarette for you.

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