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10 Important Points to keep in mind while Selling a Car


Buying and selling cars these days is one of the most profitable businesses. Most of the people do their own business of purchasing cars, make them brand new, and then sell in by having profit. People sell cars privately for cash but before selling a cars, one must keep many things in their minds to avoid any kind of trouble for future. The most important thing is to complete all the documentations before buying or purchasing any car. Your selling car paperwork must be done. While selling a car you must have complete knowledge about the person you are selling your car to. In this article we are going to discuss some of the important tips to keep in mind while selling car.

Selling a car is always profitable, even if your car is damaged. You can still utilize its parts for money or you can expend your money on the recovery of the car and then sell it. In order to earn more money by selling car is by checking the rates of the cars in different cities. The prices of cars differ in different cities. If you have bought a car in your city, you can repair it and then you can sell in another city where you can get more profit. Here we will share some important things to keep in mind before selling your vehicle like completing the documentations and payment methods as well. And how can you advertise your vehicle. This will help you quite a lot.

Things to do before selling a car:

This is a very important question to pop-up in your mind to what to do and where to start before knowing how to sell a car. The most important thing is the documentation work. All of your car’s documents should be ready and up-t-date. If you will leave this step to be done in the end, then you will find yourself in a difficult situation and then there will be no time to tackle that.

What paperwork must be done:

You must have your car’s complete documents including previous history as well, as you have to sign the title to the new owner. Never try to give copy of your car’s title to any other person except for the new owner. That may cause you big trouble. You must possess all maintenance record of your vehicle. Having all the maintenance records of your vehicle will increase its value. If you don’t have them, you can get them from your dealer. If your vehicle is still under warranty, you have to give the warranty documents to your new owner as well. After all these documents are cleared, you are completely on safe side.

Get your car ready:

It is important to keep your car ready before showing it to anyone. Check your car’s engine, observe while driving whether it is smooth or rough. Observe any additional sounds while driving. Give your car proper tuning and wash. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor, seats and trunk.

How to sell an old car:

It is not difficult to sell an old car, you just need to know the proper techniques. There are people who still prefer old car, if your car is in good condition. Old models of certain cars are still available in very good condition, and they have better tendency to bear damages. Make sure that you have maintained your car then you are good to go.

Advertising your car:

Once you have made your car ready, it is time to advertise your car. Take pictures of your car from different angles and major spare parts. Then advertise your car on different buying and selling websites. Give all of the details of your car including history, mileage, number of previous owners, modifications and upgradings. The buyers will see your advertisement and will soon contact you.

Fix price range:

Tell your rate range in your advertisement. Always take the full payment when you give your vehicle. Any delay in payment will continue to delay. Before taking the payment, always make sure to decide the payment method, whether you are taking payment via cheque or cash. These are the things that you have to decide before.

Keep your negotiation range open:

When you start to receive calls from different customers, always keep your negotiation range open because you never know what type of buyer you are going to face. Always remember that if you are sure that your car is in really good condition then do not hesitate to demand your right price. Buyers definitely split for negotiation after taking the test drive. And it is perfectly normal to let go 2-3 buyers if they are not willing to give you your demanding price.

Screen out potential buyers:

While you are receiving calls from your buyers, try to sort out the potential buyers so that it become easy for you to handle all your buyers. In this way you will also find a buyer of your demand. You may have to wait as you have to meet many non-serious buyers as well. But among them, try to give car drive to only potential buyers. This is the time where you have to be aware of the frauds.

Finalize the sale:

Once you finalize your buyers. Clear all the documentation in a legal way to avoid any kind of trouble in the future. Finalize all your paperwork. Go with buyers if needed, to clear all the payment. No monthly payment should be allowed. Clear all the bill of sale. Sign over the title. Keep in touch with your dealer, if needed. Provide owner all warranty bills, if any. Provide copies of all maintenance records. In the end, do not forget to remove your car from your insurance policy.

Tips for selling car privately:

You have to be extra careful if you are selling your car privately. But it is not as difficult as it seem. As you are in charge of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just make sure to stay away from any kind of fraud people and make sure to clear all kind of documentation before handing over your vehicle.

We hope that above mentioned tips will help you!

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